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Light blue-painted walls with an open window and shear white curtains blowing in the wind featuring a bench with a striped pillow and black side table.
Pales and Pastels

Whisper-soft pale pinks. Hushed pastel blues. Calming, muted yellows. Pastel and pale paint colors cast a flattering light on people and places alike.

A dining area with wood table, four chairs, and a greige partition.
Pale peach walls with two yellow flowers in a vase set on top of a two-toned step stool.
Soft blue bathroom walls with a mirror hung above a wood dresser.
A house entryway with medium yellow walls, wood floors, and two pink chairs on either side of a console table with a mirror hung above.
Corner of a room with blue-green walls and large windows, including a sitting chair, stool, and side table.

Pale and Pastel Color Palette

  • Sun Washed
  • Pale Moon
  • Blue Bonnet
  • Caribbean Mist
  • Beacon Gray
  • Majestic Mauve
  • Pleasant Pink
  • Pale Sea Mist
  • Wythe Blue
  • Summer Blue
  • November Skies
  • Hazy Lilac
Peach-painted walls with three jackets hanging from a mounted rack with a black door propped open with a door weight.
Light blue-painted bedroom walls with a white built-in desk, a large bed with light and dark blue pillows and comforter.
A monochromatic home office featuring two-toned green walls with two photos hanging above a black desk and chair.
Small kitchen with white-painted walls, a yellow kitchen island and three rattan barstools.
Dusty pink-painted walls with six picture frames hung above a white couch with yellow, pink, and gray throw pillows.
Off-white exterior siding with a blue bench holding a pitcher of lemonade.